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open28-Apr-2017Laurea Magistrale / SpecialisticaUna comparazione tra tecniche tradizionali e innovative di data visualizationDONINI, ALESSANDRO
open27-Apr-2017Laurea Magistrale / SpecialisticaData analytics of Milano Design Week 2016 collected using the official mobile appLIBUSHA, BLERTAN
open29-Sep-2016Laurea Magistrale / SpecialisticaPower of time window in predicting hashtags while typing a tweetFANAEI, FARIMAH
open15-Jul-2016Tesi di dottoratoOn unified stream reasoningDELL'AGLIO, DANIELE
open28-Apr-2016Laurea Magistrale / SpecialisticaLexicon-based domain agnostic multilingual sentiment analytics as a serviceTAGLIABUE, MARCO
open29-Apr-2015Laurea Magistrale / SpecialisticaHeaven : supporting systematic comparative research of RDF stream processing enginesTOMMASINI, RICCARDO
open3-Oct-2014Laurea Magistrale / SpecialisticaLand use identification using mobile phone dataBEHNAM ROUDSARI, SOHEIL; SHEYKHVAND, KOUROSH
open2-Oct-2014Laurea Magistrale / SpecialisticaImplementing location based games with a purpose. The Urbanopoly Web caseBONILLA LEON, LUIS ALBERTO
restricted2-Oct-2014Laurea Magistrale / SpecialisticaTowards a tool set for social media analytics able to represent and anticipate the real worldMARAZZI, CHRISTIAN; MAURI, ANDREA
open29-Apr-2014Laurea Magistrale / SpecialisticaOntology matching enhanced with aimilarity measures for georeferenced datasetsCALETTI, CLAUDIO
restricted28-Apr-2014Laurea Magistrale / SpecialisticaCSE LiVeTweet analyser : a system for generating links between Venues and Tweets during city scale eventsRE CALEGARI, GLORIA; NASI, GIOELE
reserved28-Apr-2014Laurea Magistrale / SpecialisticaAn experience on error awareness and recovery in an energy distribution data management system : design, implementation and verificationHABIL AMIRKHIZ, SARA
open17-Dec-2013Laurea Magistrale / SpecialisticaWikiFinder : un game with a purpose per lo studio della popolarità di linked dataGUALANDRIS, ROBERTO
reserved3-Oct-2013Laurea Magistrale / SpecialisticaTowards a top-k SPARQL query benchmark generatorZAHMATKESH, SHIMA
open2-Oct-2013Laurea Magistrale / SpecialisticaAutomating processes in clarity PPM by gel scriptingNASERY, MONA
restricted2-Oct-2013Laurea Magistrale / SpecialisticaUn centro commerciale naturale 2.0 : un'esperienza su ComoONOFRIO, LORENZO; POZZETTI, ANDREA
restricted2-Oct-2013Laurea Magistrale / SpecialisticaData linking as a side effect of game playingDI RIENZO, ANTONELLA
restricted20-Dec-2012Laurea Magistrale / SpecialisticaGIS to virtual RDF graphs ( G2R )RAMACHANDRAN, SIVAKUMAR
open20-Dec-2012Laurea Magistrale / SpecialisticaSviluppo di applicazioni mobile cross platform con Apache Cordova : il caso di UrbanopolyFIUMANÒ, ATTILIO
reserved23-Apr-2012Laurea Magistrale / SpecialisticaLinking and improving linked urban data with games with a purposeFUMEO, STEFANO; CONTESSA, SIMONE
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