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Fulltext Data Tipo Titolo Autore
2015-03-20 Tesi di Dottorato Achieving quality in crowdsourcing through task design and assignment CATALLO, ILIO
2015-04-28 Tesi di laurea Magistrale Acquisition and analysis of multimedia content for environmental monitoring DA ROLD, DAVIDE
2012-10-04 Tesi di laurea Magistrale Automatic alignment of user identities in heterogeneous social networks SIRONI, GIORGIO
2016-12-21 Tesi di laurea Magistrale Big data privacy in the utility industry SHULEVSKA, MILICA
2013-10-02 Tesi di laurea Magistrale Building social graphs from images through automatic processing and human computation DIONISIO, MARCELLO
2014-07-24 Tesi di laurea Magistrale Challenges of efficient Cloud utilization for fluid engineering simulations KOLUNDZIJA, NELA
2010-12-20 Tesi di laurea Magistrale Content-based search of model repositories with graph matching techniques BISLIMOVSKA, BOJANA
2016-09-29 Tesi di laurea Magistrale Demand management for utilities industries HERRERA GONZALEZ, SERGIO LUIS
2016-12-22 Tesi di laurea Magistrale Design implementation and evaluation of a mobile application for sustainable water consumption PELLINI, ELEONORA
2014-10-02 Tesi di laurea Magistrale Designing bots in GWAP BAROFFIO, GIORGIA
2013-12-17 Tesi di laurea Magistrale Designing enterprise gamification architectures STEFANONI, GIUSEPPE; STAGLIANÒ, LORIS
2015-10-02 Tesi di laurea Magistrale Development of an Android mobile application for mountain peak detection D'AGNANO, SIMONE
2012-04-23 Tesi di laurea Magistrale Diversification for multi domain result sets IQBAL, MUHAMMAD SHOAIB
2010-12-20 Tesi di laurea Magistrale Diversification for multi-domain result-sets VACCARELLA, ANDREA; FOLLO, MICHELE
2011-10-04 Tesi di laurea Magistrale Diversificazione dei risultati di ricerca in presenza di limiti di accesso CICERI, ELEONORA; CATALLO, ILIO
2010-10-22 Tesi di laurea Magistrale Generating Application Independent Test Cases from Business Process Models RACCA, MARÍA LUZ
2015-03-20 Tesi di Dottorato Humans in the loop: optimization of active and passive crowdsourcing CICERI, ELEONORA
2015-10-02 Tesi di laurea Magistrale Landscape modelling for outdoor photography analysis, geolocation and distance estimation TVERDOKHLEBOV, LEV
2013-10-02 Tesi di laurea Magistrale Managing human generated content for multimedia annotation DRUTA, TIMOFEI; CASATI, GABRIELE
2015-03-20 Tesi di Dottorato Methodologies and Tools for Games with a Purpose design and Gamified Applications GALLI, LUCA
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