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2014-04-29 Tesi di laurea Magistrale A service-oriented architecture for unmanned aerial vehicles MORETTA, MATTIA
2020-04-29 Tesi di laurea Magistrale Approximate energy-aware framework to support intermittent computing CERIZZI, FRANCESCO
2020-04-29 Tesi di laurea Magistrale A case for approximate intermittent computing BAMBUSI, FULVIO ANDREA
2016-12-21 Tesi di laurea Magistrale Cloud platforms for the Internet of Things : how do they stack up in a real world application ? DOLUI, KOUSTABH
2017-04-28 Tesi di laurea Magistrale Condivisione equa di risorse in sistemi per l'Internet of Things. Sharing resources fairly in Internet of Things systems MANCA, PAOLO
2020-04-29 Tesi di laurea Magistrale Exploiting high bandwidth, low latency wireless networks with Internet-connected drones AVOLIO, PIETRO
2020-04-29 Tesi di laurea Magistrale From energy to throughput in intermittent computing BERTANI, FRANCESCO
2015-07-28 Tesi di laurea Magistrale Model based testing di firmware di controllo per aeromobili a pilotaggio remoto PATELLI, ANDREA
2015-04-29 Tesi di laurea Magistrale Programming abstractions for nano-drone teams BELGIOIOSO, MANUEL; CARDELLINI, ALBERTO
2015-07-28 Tesi di laurea Magistrale Re-engineering of aerial drone autopilot firmware with reactive programming BREGU, ENDRI
2016-04-27 Tesi di laurea Magistrale Reactive programming per sistemi a risorse limitate CASAMASSIMA, NICOLA
2016-01-25 Tesi di Dottorato Software level adaptation in cyber physical systems AFANASOV, MIKHAIL
2015-12-18 Tesi di laurea Magistrale System support for Internet-connected drones CANTONI, DANIEL
2018-02-15 Tesi di Dottorato System support for transiently-powered embedded sensing systems BHATTI, NAVEED ANWAR
2019-04-16 Tesi di laurea Magistrale Understanding and testing intermittence bugs in transiently-powered computers MAIOLI, ANDREA
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