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2017-09-15 Tesi di Dottorato Exploiting public web content to enhance environmental monitoring FEDOROV, ROMAN
2010-10-22 Tesi di laurea Magistrale Generating Application Independent Test Cases from Business Process Models RACCA, MARÍA LUZ
2015-03-20 Tesi di Dottorato Humans in the loop: optimization of active and passive crowdsourcing CICERI, ELEONORA
2021-10-07 Tesi di laurea Magistrale Identification of salient iconography features in artwork analysis PINCIROLI VAGO, NICOLÒ ORESTE
2017-10-04 Tesi di laurea Magistrale Immersive mobile augmented reality application for mountain peak recognition LA SALANDRA, ANTONIO
2019-12-17 Tesi di laurea Magistrale Landform identification from surface networks. The case of mountain peaks identification from surface networks VARGA, FLORIN LUCIAN
2015-10-02 Tesi di laurea Magistrale Landscape modelling for outdoor photography analysis, geolocation and distance estimation TVERDOKHLEBOV, LEV
2022-12-20 Tesi di laurea Magistrale Learning to Detect Illegal Landfills in Aerial Images with Scarce Labeling Data FASANA, CORRADO; PASINI, SAMUELE
2018-12-19 Tesi di laurea Magistrale Learning to find mountains MILANI, FEDERICO
2013-10-02 Tesi di laurea Magistrale Managing human generated content for multimedia annotation DRUTA, TIMOFEI; CASATI, GABRIELE
2015-03-20 Tesi di Dottorato Methodologies and Tools for Games with a Purpose design and Gamified Applications GALLI, LUCA
2020-06-06 Tesi di laurea Magistrale A metric evaluation framework for object detection ROMERO RIVEROS, JESÚS MARÍA
2015-07-27 Tesi di laurea Magistrale Model driven data synchronization for mobile applications MOSSINA, JACOPO
2021-04-28 Tesi di laurea Magistrale Multi-scale satellite images classification : the case of illegal landfills Gelli, Marco
2021-07-23 Tesi di laurea Magistrale The ODIN framework, a tool for image classification diagnosis ZANGRANDO, NICCOLÒ
2022-04-28 Tesi di laurea Magistrale ODIN Web : an interactive dashboard for black-box deep learning error diagnosis Mastropasqua, Alessandro
2019-10-04 Tesi di laurea Magistrale Offline data management for augmented reality application CAVALLARO, CLAUDIO
2021-12-21 Tesi di laurea Magistrale Optimizing performance and user experience in a mountain detection mobile application Ricchiuti, Simone; Quacquarelli, Sebastiano
2019-04-15 Tesi di laurea Magistrale Remote sensing identification of illegal landfills using optical images PABBISETTI, AISHWARYA
2017-04-27 Tesi di laurea Magistrale Road traffic engineering for improved campus mobility IMPERIALI D'AFFLITTO, MICHELE JOSE'
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