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2017-04-26 Tesi di laurea Magistrale Structuring enclosures. Design enhancement for the cultural system of the Small Wild Goose Pagoda area in Xi'an MAZZUCCHELLI, GIULIA; POZZOLI, MIRIAM GIUSEPPINA
2017-12-20 Tesi di laurea Magistrale The re-presentation of Small Wild Goose Pagoda ancient boundary. Study on the typological evolution of Chinese Buddhist temple layout and design for the wall of Anren Fang in Small Wild Goose Pagoda area in Xi'an, Shaanxi WANG, LONGFEI
2018-10-05 Tesi di laurea Magistrale The regeneration of historical urban space and texture. Design along Tang axis in Xi'an small Wild Goose Pagoda area based on Chinese traditional courtyard space YIN, XIAOXI; HUANG, HEQING
2018-12-19 Tesi di laurea Magistrale The research of Xi'an inner city : typology and urban renovation CHAO, YIBO; TIAN, QINXUE
2022-04-28 Tesi di laurea Magistrale Urban regeneration of Nanshijie district, Ganzhou. Between city, underground and water ZHAO, ZIHAO; MA, XINYI
2017-04-26 Tesi di laurea Magistrale What identity for the Ming city ? Rediscovering the historical palimpsest for regenerating the urban texture along the Wall DAGHETI, GIULIA; BOSIO, GRETA; GUIZZI, ALESSANDRA
2017-12-20 Tesi di laurea Magistrale Working (on) traces. Design enhancement for the market within the ex Pingrong factory area in the Southeast corner of the Ming city wall MALABARBA, ALBERTO; BUSNELLI, FRANCESCO
2018-04-20 Tesi di laurea Magistrale Xi'an city wall cultural center LU, ZHAOSONG
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