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open30-Jan-2012Tesi di dottoratoRare events in many-body systems : reactive paths and reaction constants for structural transitionsPICCIANI, MASSIMILIANO
open2-Feb-2012Tesi di dottoratoHuman-centric behaviour of redundant manipulators under kinematic controlZANCHETTIN, ANDREA MARIA
reserved2-Feb-2012Tesi di dottoratoDesign and analysis of semi-active systems for vehiclesDELVECCHIO, DIEGO
reserved2-Feb-2012Tesi di dottoratoStability control systems for tilting vehiclesDE FILIPPI, PIERPAOLO
reserved2-Feb-2012Tesi di dottoratoDirect data-driven control system design : theory and applicationsFORMENTIN, SIMONE
restricted2-Feb-2012Tesi di dottoratoControl based design of computing systemsMAGGIO, MARTINA
reserved2-Feb-2012Tesi di dottoratoSafety and performance slip control design for tilting vehiclesPANZANI, GIULIO
reserved2-Feb-2012Tesi di dottoratoAdvanced ride-by-wire systems for light and electric vehiclesALLI, GIOVANNI
restricted8-Feb-2012Tesi di dottoratoA language-level approach to self-adaptive softwareSALVANESCHI, GUIDO
open8-Feb-2012Tesi di dottoratoBounded approaches for verification of infinite-state systemsBERSANI, MARCELLO MARIA
open8-Feb-2012Tesi di dottoratoA reference model and a run-time support for pervasive adaptive systemsFUNARO, MARCO
open8-Feb-2012Tesi di dottoratoCombining expressiveness and efficiency in a complex event processing middlewareMARGARA, ALESSANDRO
open8-Feb-2012Tesi di dottoratoQuality driven model transformations for feedback provisioningDRAGO, MAURO LUIGI
restricted10-Feb-2012Tesi di dottoratoDetailed kinetic models for the thermal conversion of biomassBARKER HEMINGS, EMMA ISOBEL
restricted10-Feb-2012Tesi di dottoratoDetailed kinetics of pyrolysis, gasification and combustion of bio-fuelsGRANA, ROBERTO
reserved15-Feb-2012Tesi di dottoratoThe plant simulator : coupling accident and process simulations within virtual environmentsTOTARO, ROBERTO
open21-Feb-2012Tesi di dottoratoDevelopment and applications of a time domain near infrared spectroscopy instrument based on wavelength space multiplexingRE, REBECCA
reserved21-Feb-2012Tesi di dottoratoIntegrated optofluidic devices for biophotonic applications fabricated by femtosecond laser pulsesBELLINI, NICOLA
open21-Feb-2012Tesi di dottoratoIntegrated optical circuits for biosensing and quantum information by femtosecond laser microfabricationCRESPI, ANDREA
open21-Feb-2012Tesi di dottoratoUltrafast dynamics at organic interfaces for photovoltaicsGRANCINI, GIULIA
Showing results 1 to 20 of 2127
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