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2019-02-11 Tesi di Dottorato A general framework for shared control in robot teleoperation with force and visual feedback NICOLIS, DAVIDE
2018-02-05 Tesi di Dottorato A learning approach for pricing in e-commerce scenario PALADINO, STEFANO
2017-02-07 Tesi di Dottorato A middleware for peer-to-peer interaction of smart things DERAKHSHAN, NASER
2019-02-19 Tesi di Dottorato A model-centered solution for taming the heterogeneity of smart devices SADEGHI, MERSEDEH
2017-02-02 Tesi di Dottorato A Newton-Euler approach to modelling and control of flexible manipulators SCAGLIONI, BRUNO
2017-02-13 Tesi di Dottorato A novel architecture of digital lock-in amplifier for extremely high resolution measurements GERVASONI, GIACOMO
2020-02-13 Tesi di Dottorato A randomized model structure selector for complex dynamical systems BIANCHI, FEDERICO
2019-07-26 Tesi di Dottorato A study of high-performance frequency synthesizer based on digital bang-bang phase-locked loop for wireless applications VO, TUAN MINH
2017-02-07 Tesi di Dottorato A syntactic-semantic approach for incremental program verification of matching logic properties RIZZI, ALESSANDRO MARIA
2020-03-05 Tesi di Dottorato A total attenuation time series synthesizer for non-geostationary satellite links MACHADO TOMAZ, LUCIANO
2020-02-13 Tesi di Dottorato Accident prevention, detection, and early response: Using machine learning and data analysis to improve driver and pedestrian safety GELMINI, SIMONE
2017-02-02 Tesi di Dottorato Advance optical routing techniques in the software defined era ALVIZU GÓMEZ, RODOLFO ENRIQUE
2020-02-14 Tesi di Dottorato Advanced driver assistance systems for off-highway vehicles ONESTO, LUCA
2018-02-23 Tesi di Dottorato Advanced methods techniques and digital architectures for high performance timing of events LUSARDI, NICOLA
2017-02-17 Tesi di Dottorato Advanced single-photon detectors in semiconductors and superconductors CALANDRI, NICCOLO'
2020-02-13 Tesi di Dottorato Advances in propulsion systems modeling, optimization, and control POZZATO, GABRIELE
2019-03-20 Tesi di Dottorato Advances in wave digital modeling of linear and nonlinear systems BERNARDINI, ALBERTO
2020-01-24 Tesi di Dottorato Advancing joint design and operation of water resources systems under uncertainty BERTONI, FEDERICA
2018-01-26 Tesi di Dottorato Algorithms and methods for the design and development of intelligent, context aware and sustainable mobility services PAGANI, ALESSIO
2017-08-29 Tesi di Dottorato Algorithms for Sequence-Aware Recommender Systems QUADRANA, MASSIMO
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