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open31-Mar-2015Tesi di dottoratoA Method for forecasting design requirements based on experts' knowledge and logistic growth modelNIKULIN CHANDIA, CHRISTOPHER NICK
reserved18-Sep-2017Tesi di dottoratoMetaphors of performative-oriented architectures. Exhibitions, installations, interventionsKASSEM, AYMAN
reserved7-Mar-2016Tesi di dottoratoDesign for complementary economies. Resilient service models as strategies for long-term resistance in times of socio-economic crisisTELALBASIC, IDA
open16-Dec-2014Tesi di dottoratoDesing optimization of wind turbinesGUALDONI, FEDERICO
reserved25-Nov-2014Tesi di dottoratoTactile Display for virtual 3D shape renderingMANSUTTI, ALESSANDRO
open21-Mar-2014Tesi di dottoratoHarnessing adaptivity analysis for the automatic design of efficient embedded and HPC systemsLOVERGINE, SILVIA
reserved18-Sep-2017Tesi di dottoratoThe evolution of museum exhibition in Arabia. A qualitative study of the exhibition design and identity in Saudi ArabiaALSOBAHI, ABEER ABDULLAH
restricted10-Mar-2017Tesi di dottoratoFuture for fashion: functional accessories between innovation and fashion in the age of technologyTENUTA, LIVIA
reserved12-Feb-2018Tesi di dottoratoStability control and analysis of two-wheeled vehicles out of plane dynamicsBUSNELLI, FABIO
reserved27-Mar-2017Tesi di dottoratoA new design approach for concentrically braced frames in moderate seismicityKANYILMAZ, ALPER

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