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reserved23-Apr-2018Tesi di dottoratoNew current sensor for high current measurementPACKIAM, SATHISH KUMAR
reserved23-Apr-2018Tesi di dottoratoInnovative methods for the characterization of voltage transducers under distorted conditionsLAURANO, CHRISTIAN
embargoed_restricted18-Dec-2017Tesi di dottoratoThe integration of electricity market in EuropeLE, HONG LAM
reserved23-Apr-2018Tesi di dottoratoInjection of conducted common-mode disturbances as an alternative approach to radiated-susceptibility verifications: statistical characterization in terms of overtesting marginBADINI, LUDOVICO
open18-Dec-2017Tesi di dottoratoBattery energy storage systems: modelling, applications and design criteriaBRIVIO, CLAUDIO
reserved23-Apr-2018Tesi di dottoratoPredictive algorithms for prognostics and health management of complex systemsLEONE, GIACOMO
restricted16-Dec-2016Tesi di dottoratoBehavior of instrument transformers under distorted conditions and corresponding compensation strategyLEI, TING
reserved20-Dec-2016Tesi di dottoratoReliability assessment of Photovoltaic PlantsKHALIL, MOHAMED MAHMOUD ABDEL FATTAH
reserved20-Dec-2016Tesi di dottoratoExperimental performance evaliation of MPPT algorithms for photovoltaic systemsSOULATIANTORK, PAYAM
reserved24-Mar-2017Tesi di dottoratoModels and optimization of islanded micro-grids including renewable energy sources and battery energy storage systemsMAGISTRATI, GIULIA
open16-Dec-2016Tesi di dottoratoOptimal planning of energy storage systems considering uncertaintyNGUYEN, NHI THI AI
open24-Mar-2017Tesi di dottoratoAnalysis and realization of a new device for power quality and custom power improvement: open UPQCHAFEZI, HOSSEIN
reserved20-Dec-2016Tesi di dottoratoNovel methods in control and monitoring of photovoltaic systemsAGHAEI, MOHAMMADREZA
embargoed_restricted24-Mar-2017Tesi di dottoratoIntroduction of DC and storage systems in shipboard electric systemsCORTI, MATTEO
open30-Mar-2012Tesi di dottoratoSensitivity analysis of power system estimation regarding to network parameter uncertaintiesDAVOUDI, MEHDI
open30-Mar-2012Tesi di dottoratoSupercacitor storage systems : modeling, control strategies, applications and sizing criteriaMUSOLINO, VINCENZO
open30-Mar-2012Tesi di dottoratoVoltage control in MV networks with high DG presence using a real-time digital simulatorSAPIENZA, GIANLUCA
reserved30-Mar-2012Tesi di dottoratoNetwork efficiency and DG integration : some regulatory studies on a detailed model of Italian distribution networksOLIVIERI, VALERIA
reserved22-Mar-2013Tesi di dottoratoDevelopment of measurement methods for impulse currents in electromagnetic launchersFERRERO, ROBERTO
open22-Mar-2013Tesi di dottoratoOptimized antenna for low UHF band wireless power transfer (WPT)SHADMEHR, HOURIYEH
open22-Mar-2013Tesi di dottoratoAn insulation cause of failure in electrical machines and diagnostic tools for a railway applicationMAGLIO, MATTEO MARIA
reserved18-Mar-2013Tesi di dottoratoNovel distribution network management with dispersed generationMONFREDINI, GABRIELE
reserved22-Mar-2013Tesi di dottoratoDevices development and data management for smart sensor networks : an application for photovoltaic systemsROSSI, MARCO
reserved18-Mar-2013Tesi di dottoratoTechnical and regulatory analysis of smart grids : a focus on network reconfiguration and energy storageFALABRETTI, DAVIDE
reserved9-Jul-2013Tesi di dottoratoVolume temperature distribution from boundary measurement dataSEIFNARAGHI, NIMA
reserved9-Jul-2013Tesi di dottoratoPower system optimization in the presence of large amount of renewablesALLAHDADIAN, JAVAD
restricted18-Mar-2013Tesi di dottoratoDroop control for interface inverters of hybrid power plants connected to isolated minigridsFROSIO, LUISA
open18-Mar-2013Tesi di dottoratoEquilibrium models for electricity marketGHOLAMI, MAJID
open13-Jan-2014Tesi di dottoratoImpact of wind power on power system security by a probabilistic approachLE, DINH DUONG
open27-Feb-2014Tesi di dottoratoDesign and optimization of reflectarray antennasBUI, VAN HA
open20-Mar-2014Tesi di dottoratoModeling of distributed generators interfaced with power electronics to medium voltage networks : analysis of power quality, fault ride through and protections coordinationGANDOLFI, CHIARA
reserved20-Mar-2014Tesi di dottoratoOptimal placement and control of energy storage devices to improve efficiency of distribution gridsFARROKHI FAR, MEISAM
reserved10-Mar-2014Tesi di dottoratoA new approach to uncertainty evaluation in complex measurement systemsPRIOLI, MARCO
restricted8-Oct-2014Tesi di dottoratoInspection methods and analysis of electric power quality influence on production processes: an application to EAF operationsCLERICI, DANIELE
open8-Oct-2014Tesi di dottoratoSignal processing for disruption detection in TokamaksMOSCONI, MAIA
open17-Dec-2014Tesi di dottoratoConservative functions: an approach in nonlinear and switched network analysisBARCELLONA, SIMONE
open17-Dec-2014Tesi di dottoratoComputational Intelligence for Electromagnetic DrivesHO MANH, LINH
reserved20-Mar-2014Tesi di dottoratoGenerator circuit breakers : studies to support the IEC/IEEE standardisation and novel application aspectsPALAZZO, MIRKO
open30-Mar-2012Tesi di dottoratoProblems and solutions in rotating machines connected to high power drives for renewable energyORTEGA BELAUNDEZ, DANIEL FELIPE
open3-Mar-2015Tesi di dottoratoAdvanced state estimation in distribution systemsSUBASIC, MILOS
open26-Jan-2016Tesi di dottoratoA perspective on metasurfaces, circuits, holograms and invisibilityGONANO, CARLO ANDREA
reserved26-Jan-2016Tesi di dottoratoWind power integration: a study on wind turbines modelling and their impact on power systemsDUONG, MINH QUAN
reserved26-Jan-2016Tesi di dottoratoNovel methods for PV energy forecasting of the day-ahead hourly power curveOGLIARI, EMANUELE GIOVANNI CARLO
open16-Dec-2015Tesi di dottoratoStructural and functional optimization in distribution grid planningBOSISIO, ALESSANDRO
restricted16-Dec-2015Tesi di dottoratoOptimal planning of hybrid microgridMOSHI, GODFREY GLADSON
restricted19-May-2017Tesi di dottoratoDiagnostic methods for electric arc plasma in low voltage circuit breakers: measuring and apparatus designTACCOLA, MARCO
reserved19-May-2017Tesi di dottoratoDesign and development of technologies for the measurement of biomechanical performance in athletes practicing judoFRASSINELLI, STEFANO
reserved19-May-2017Tesi di dottoratoDiagnostic methods for electric arc plasma in low voltage circuit breakers: modeling and computational aspectsRIGAMONTI, FRANCESCO
restricted16-Dec-2015Tesi di dottoratoFault analysis and protection in LVDC microgrids with front-end convertersCARMINATI, MARCO



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