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open26-Oct-2018Tesi di dottoratoDevelopment of a comprehensive CFD model for spark-ignition engine combustionSFORZA, LORENZO
restricted20-Sep-2018Tesi di dottoratoDevelopment and modelling of a water-ammonia heat transformer to upgrade low-temperature waste heatGARONE, SILVIA
open13-Jul-2018Tesi di dottoratoStudy on a submerged Small Modular Reactor: integral design, passive safety strategy and critical issuesSANTINELLO, MARCO
open13-Jul-2018Tesi di dottoratoModelling and assessment of inert gas behaviour in UO2 nuclear fuel for transient analysisPIZZOCRI, DAVIDE
reserved6-Jul-2018Tesi di dottoratoRadiation-induced effects on polymeric matrices for industrial, biomedical and environmental applicationsNEGRIN, MADDALENA
reserved6-Jul-2018Tesi di dottoratoFricke-based gel for radiation therapy dosimetry: characterization and applicabilityLIOSI, GIULIA MARIA
embargoed_restricted25-May-2018Tesi di dottoratoNanostructured titanium nitride by pulsed laser deposition as support for fuel cell catalystsPEREGO, ANDREA
embargoed25-May-2018Tesi di dottoratoDMFC: local performance investigation for optimized durabilityRABISSI, CLAUDIO
open20-Mar-2018Tesi di dottoratoHydrogen-treated titanium dioxide hierarchical nanostructures for water splitting applicationsMASCARETTI, LUCA
open20-Mar-2018Tesi di dottoratoInvestigation of advanced carbon-based films for application in radiation detectorsINZOLI, FEDERICA
open20-Mar-2018Tesi di dottoratoThermomechanical characterization of fusion-relevant nanostructured coatingsBESOZZI, EDOARDO
reserved2-Mar-2018Tesi di dottoratoExperimental characterization of steam turbine stages: efficiency, blade-row interaction, forces and off-design conditionsGATTI, GIACOMO
reserved15-Feb-2018Tesi di dottoratoPore-scale CFD modeling of tight rocksVERRI, ISABELLA
open15-Dec-2017Tesi di dottoratoMultidimensional simulations of external gear pumpsMARTINEZ RUBIO, JAVIER
open31-Oct-2017Tesi di dottoratoCFD application to turbochargers of internal combustion enginesSHAABANI LAKEH, KEYVAN
open31-Oct-2017Tesi di dottoratoCFD modeling and experimental characterization of urea/water solution injection inside SCR systems of diesel enginesNOCIVELLI, LORENZO
reserved30-Oct-2017Tesi di dottoratoDevelopment of a micro cogeneration system based on membrane reactor and PEM fuel cellFORESTI, STEFANO
reserved30-Oct-2017Tesi di dottoratoBiogas upgrading by absorption and adsorption technologiesCAPRA, FEDERICO
restricted30-Oct-2017Tesi di dottoratoClean energy conversion systems: high temperature solid oxide electrochemical membranes in advanced power generation applicationsMASTROPASQUA, LUCA
open26-Oct-2017Tesi di dottoratoFlashing flow model for industrial energy applicationsDANG LE, QUANG
restricted26-Oct-2017Tesi di dottoratoEnhanced thermoeconomic input-output analysis (TIOA) for energy conversion system monitoring and diagnosisKESHAVARZIAN, SAJJAD
open26-Oct-2017Tesi di dottoratoExperimental and numerical analysis of multiphase flow within horizontal pipeline with variable cross-sectional areaBABAKHANI DEHKORDI, PARHAM
open18-Jul-2017Tesi di dottoratoSimulation of internal flow in fuel injection processTAHMASEBI, EHSANALLAH
open11-Jul-2017Tesi di dottoratoHigh performance ceramic coating for DEMO Breeding BlanketsIADICICCO, DANIELE
open30-Jun-2017Tesi di dottoratoModeling, optimization and experimental evaluation of Solar Direct Steam Generation for integration into industrial heating processesFREIN, ANTOINE
open6-Jun-2017Tesi di dottoratoAdvances in Target Normal Sheath Acceleration with traditional and nanostructured targetsCIALFI, LORENZO
reserved29-May-2017Tesi di dottoratoFuel-coolant chemical interaction for lead-cooled fast reactors by a computational approachCERINI, MARTA
reserved29-May-2017Tesi di dottoratoAnalytical and numerical investigation of single-phase natural circulation dynamics in presence of distributed heat sourcesPINI, ALESSANDRO
open9-May-2017Tesi di dottoratoNumerical study of coherent structures of in-cylinder flow by a hybrid RANS/LES modelWU, YAN
reserved8-May-2017Tesi di dottoratoAdvanced model-based and data-driven methods for prognostics and health management of industrial systemsRIGAMONTI, MARCO MICHAEL
restricted19-Apr-2017Tesi di dottoratoExperimental study of unconfined and confined isothermal swirling jetsSHARMA, ROHIT
open11-Apr-2017Tesi di dottoratoDevelopment of an advanced multi-dimensional CFD framework for modeling low temperature combustion in direct injection compression ignition enginesMAGHBOULI, AMIN
open31-Mar-2017Tesi di dottoratoTungsten-based coatings for magnetic fusion research: damage and hydrogen retentionPEZZOLI, ANDREA
reserved31-Mar-2017Tesi di dottoratoScanning tunneling microscopy and spectroscopy of two-dimensional oxide nanostructuresTUMINO, FRANCESCO
open14-Mar-2017Tesi di dottoratoOperation and design optimization for off-grid hybrid microgrids with high RES penetrationMAZZOLA, SIMONE
embargoed_restricted9-Feb-2017Tesi di dottoratoOn the calorimetric measurement of the solar factor of transparent building components in outdoor test cell facilitiesCATTARIN, GIULIO
open20-Oct-2016Tesi di dottoratoImproving access to modern energy services in rural areas of developing countries. Towards a comprehensive acess strategyJEROME NDAM, MUNGWE
reserved10-Jun-2016Tesi di dottoratoCharacterization of multi-phase relative permeabilities in porous media: experiments and modelingMOGHADASI, LEILI
restricted13-Apr-2016Tesi di dottoratoPower-to-gas systems for hydrogen-based renewable energy storage in the natural gas infrastructureGUANDALINI, GIULIO
embargoed_restricted13-Apr-2016Tesi di dottoratoAdvanced technologies for CO2 capture and power generation in cement plantsSPINELLI, MAURIZIO
reserved11-Mar-2016Tesi di dottoratoDevelopment of new tools for the analysis and simulation of circulating-fuel reactor power plantsZANETTI, MATTEO
restricted11-Mar-2016Tesi di dottoratoNeutron dosimetry and spectrometry in complex radiation fields using CR-39 track detectorsSASHALA NAIK, ALVIN
restricted11-Mar-2016Tesi di dottoratoDevelopment of data-driven methods for prognostics and health management under variable operational conditions in industrial equipmentAL-DAHIDI, SAMEER MAHMOUD AHMED
reserved25-Feb-2016Tesi di dottoratoPredictive modelling and adaptive lon-term optimization of a high temperature PEM fuel cell based micro-chip systemNAJAFI, BEHZAD
reserved25-Feb-2016Tesi di dottoratoBubble column fluid dynamics: experimental and numerical investigationsBESAGNI, GIORGIO
reserved24-Feb-2016Tesi di dottoratoHigh fidelity 1D model for selective membrane simulation in CCS power plantsTURI, DAVIDE MARIA
restricted24-Feb-2016Tesi di dottoratoApplication of gas fuels to membrane reactor for small-scale power productionDI MARCOBERARDINO, GIOELE
reserved24-Feb-2016Tesi di dottoratoAdvanced cubic equations of state for accurate modelling of fluid mixtures. Application to CO2 capture systemsLASALA, SILVIA
open23-Feb-2016Tesi di dottoratoA multi-dimensional approach to the modelling of power plant flexibilityGARDUMI, FRANCESCO
open23-Feb-2016Tesi di dottoratoLow temperature solar cooling system with absorption chiller and desiccant wheelCORRADA, PAOLO
restricted15-Feb-2016Tesi di dottoratoA novel avalanche-confinement TEPC for microdosimetry at nanometric levelBORTOT, DAVIDE
reserved15-Feb-2016Tesi di dottoratoNovel i-SANEX/GANEX formulation for hydrometallurgical actinide separation from spent nuclear fuelMOSSINI, EROS
open27-Jan-2016Tesi di dottoratoAb initio studies of bulk and defective oxides using nonempirical hybrid density functionalsGEROSA, MATTEO
open15-Dec-2015Tesi di dottoratoLaser cleaning of diagnostic first mirrors for nuclear fusion machinesMAFFINI, ALESSANDRO
open15-Dec-2015Tesi di dottoratoFunctional properties control of doped TiO2 for transparent electrodes and photoanodesMAZZOLINI, PIERO
open10-Dec-2015Tesi di dottoratoImprovement of the control-oriented modelling of the Gen-IV lead-cooled fast reactor: development of reduced order methodsLORENZI, STEFANO
open10-Dec-2015Tesi di dottoratoSilicon microdosimetry in hadron therapy fieldsSAGIA, ELENI
reserved19-Nov-2015Tesi di dottoratoDevelopment of prognostics and health management methods for engineering systems operating in evolving environmentsHU, YANG
reserved2-Jul-2015Tesi di dottoratoModelling and experimental evaluation of a double effect thermal driven air conditioning system using ammonia/water absorption and desiccant evaporative coolingSCOCCIA, ROSSANO
reserved25-Mar-2015Tesi di dottoratoAn experimental study on fluid dynamics in straight and bend channelsCIMINA', SUSANNA
open25-Mar-2015Tesi di dottoratoStrategies for access to energy in developing countries: methods and models for off-grid power systems designMANDELLI, STEFANO
open25-Mar-2015Tesi di dottoratoPrimary exergy cost of goods and services: an input - output approachROCCO, MATTEO VINCENZO
reserved23-Mar-2015Tesi di dottoratoIncreasing energy recovery of waste-to-energy plantsEREMED, WONDWOSSEN BOGALE
open23-Mar-2015Tesi di dottoratoNovel approaches for CFD modeling of diesel enginesTORELLI, ROBERTO
open20-Mar-2015Tesi di dottoratoDevelopment of advanced materials for novel laser-driven ion acceleration schemesPRENCIPE, IRENE
open20-Mar-2015Tesi di dottoratoReduced order methods: applications to nuclear reactor core spatial dynamicsSARTORI, ALBERTO
reserved26-Jan-2015Tesi di dottoratoA combined experimental and modelling approach for the improved characterization of high temperature PEM fuel cellsBARICCI, ANDREA
open26-Jan-2015Tesi di dottoratoCFD modelling of turbulent premixed combustion in spark-ignition enginesCORNOLTI, LUCA
reserved26-Jan-2015Tesi di dottoratoSound absorption measurements with sound intensity method. Investigations at normal and oblique incidenceASTORINO, SONIA
restricted26-Jan-2015Tesi di dottoratoBuilding sustainability assessment and rating: an Italian objective system proposalMOSCHETTI, ROBERTA
restricted26-Jan-2015Tesi di dottoratoDevelopment of a fixed bed quasi-isothermal adsorption dehumidifier: from concept to optimization, through experimental and theoretical investigationPISTOCCHINI, LORENZO
reserved9-Dec-2014Tesi di dottoratoHierarchical quasi-1D nanostructures for photoelecrochemical hydrogen productionBALANDEH, MEHRDAD
reserved9-Dec-2014Tesi di dottoratoRadiation tolerant nanoceramic coatings for lead fast reactor nuclear fuel claddingGARCIA FERRE, FRANCISCO
open9-Dec-2014Tesi di dottoratoSilicon nanostructures for energy applicationsBISERNI, ERIKA
restricted9-Dec-2014Tesi di dottoratoNanostructured oxide semiconductors for direct solar energy conversion: photovoltaics and water splittingGHADIRZADEH, ALI
open16-Jul-2014Tesi di dottoratoNanostructured transparent conducting oxides for advanced photovoltaic applicationsGONDONI, PAOLO
open26-Mar-2014Tesi di dottoratoExperimental investigation on DMFC degradationBRESCIANI, FAUSTO
open26-Mar-2014Tesi di dottoratoLarge eddy simulation for complex industrial flowsLAMPITELLA, PAOLO
reserved26-Mar-2014Tesi di dottoratoA study of alternative desiccant cooling materials and equipment for low temperature trigeneration systemsINTINI, MANUEL
restricted26-Mar-2014Tesi di dottoratoCombined risk and exergy analysisCASSETTI, GABRIELE
reserved25-Mar-2014Tesi di dottoratoMulti-objective optimization of novel CO2 capture processes for gasification based plantsGATTI, MANUELE
open25-Mar-2014Tesi di dottoratoTransient effects in linear concentrating solar thermal power plantGIOSTRI, ANDREA
open25-Mar-2014Tesi di dottoratoTurbomachinery design optimization using adjoint method and accurate equations of statePINI, MATTEO
open25-Mar-2014Tesi di dottoratoAn innovative approach for the techno-economic optimization of organic Rankine cyclesASTOLFI, MARCO
restricted25-Mar-2014Tesi di dottoratoDynamic modeling of complex energy systemsDE SERVI, CARLO MARIA
restricted18-Mar-2014Tesi di dottoratoScanning tunneling microscopy and spectroscopy of titanium and titanium oxide nanostructures on Au(111)CARROZZO, PAOLO
open18-Mar-2014Tesi di dottoratoDevelopment of nanostructured rhodium films for diagnostic mirrors employed in nuclear fusion systemsUCCELLO, ANDREA
open14-Mar-2014Tesi di dottoratoDevelopment of advanced simulation tools for circulating fuel nuclear reactorsAUFIERO, MANUELE
open14-Mar-2014Tesi di dottoratoA novel detection system for direct and high resolution spectrometry of intense neutron fieldsLORENZOLI, MICHELE
open14-Mar-2014Tesi di dottoratoDevelopment of a model based approach for studying the system dynamics and control of Gen-IV lead-cooled fast reactorPONCIROLI, ROBERTO
reserved14-Mar-2014Tesi di dottoratoSelective separation of minor actinides from spent nuclear fuel in homogeneous and heterogeneous recycling : extraction performances and speciation studies of chon hydrophilic ligandsSCARAVAGGI, STEFANO
open27-Sep-2013Tesi di dottoratoTwo-phase heat and mass transfer modeling: flexible numerical methods for energy engineering analysesGUEDON, GAEL RAYMOND
open26-Mar-2013Tesi di dottoratoThe molten salt fast reactor as a fast spectrum candidate for thorium implementationFIORINA, CARLO
open26-Mar-2013Tesi di dottoratoMethods for the vulnerability analysis of critical infrastructuresPICCINELLI, ROBERTA
open26-Mar-2013Tesi di dottoratoDevelopment of advanced computational methods for prognostics and health management in energy components and systemsMANGILI, FRANCESCA
open26-Mar-2013Tesi di dottoratoExperimental investigation and numerical simulation of the two phase flow in the helical coil steam generatorCOLOMBO, MARCO
restricted26-Mar-2013Tesi di dottoratoInvestigation of the dynamic behaviour and of control issues of circulating fuel reactorsGUERRIERI, CLAUDIA RENATA
open25-Mar-2013Tesi di dottoratoExperimental and theoretical studies on ultraintense laser driven ion accelerationZANI, ALESSANDRO
reserved21-Mar-2013Tesi di dottoratoStudy and development of new power generation technologies for geothermal low enthalpy resourcesTIZZANINI, ALESSIO
open21-Mar-2013Tesi di dottoratoDMFC modeling : mass transport phenomena and electrochemical impedance spectroscopyZAGO, MATTEO

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