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open28-Sep-2012Tesi di dottoratoProduct semantics for eco-efficiency: redesigning product characters to communicate eco-efficiency in home appliancesCHAKRABORTY, SHUJOY
reserved21-Mar-2012Tesi di dottoratoColour Design Edu.System. For a systematic and creative approach to an interdisciplinary colour education in design. Color Design Edu.system. Per una didattica interdisciplinare del colore a supporto dell’educazione al progetto di industrial designVEZZANI, VALENTINA
reserved11-Oct-2013Tesi di dottoratoDesigning for sociability: a relational aesthetic approach to service encounterCHO, EUN JI
reserved22-Mar-2013Tesi di dottoratoRisk management in architectural design. The control of uncertainty over objectivesMARTANI, CLAUDIO
reserved25-Mar-2014Tesi di dottoratoDO Design Optioneering : a new design and technological paradigmVANOSSI, ANDREA
embargoed_restricted7-Mar-2016Tesi di dottoratoDesigning service evaluation. A new perspective for service design practiceFOGLIENI, FRANCESCA
reserved20-Dec-2017Tesi di dottoratoThe PSS design GuRu methodology and the lean design rules tool: supporting product manufacturers in the detailed design of Product Service Systems (PSS)SASSANELLI, CLAUDIO
open16-Feb-2018Tesi di dottoratoUsing bio-inspired design elements in the fabrication of cellular materials with special properties and functionalitiesMIRZAALI MAZANDARANI, MOHAMMADJAVAD
open28-Feb-2013Tesi di dottoratoAdvanced methodologies and techniques for the optimal design of wireless sensor networksGRASSI, PAOLO ROBERTO
reserved22-Feb-2018Tesi di dottoratoMaterial selection in the professional appliances industry. Methods and tools for evaluating sensory criteria and aesthetic obsolescence of materialsPISELLI, AGNESE

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