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Politecnico di Milano online archive of theses

The archive contains:

  • all Post Graduate Theses (laurea specialistica/magistrale) from the July 2010 session.
  • all PhD Theses from 2012

The publication of the theses in the archive is made within 60 days from the date of discussion.

Degree theses discussed before the July 2010 session can be searched in the University Catalogue and consulted (on paper or digitally via local area network) according to the regulations of the library storing them.
To search the whole theses collection, use SEARCH.


Consultation may take lace by via lists (author, supervisor, school, etc.) or by advanced search clicking on the menu function on the left.
Descriptive data is available to all users consulting the archive whilst full-text consultation is regulated by the option chosen by graduation candidates on submitting their thesis. For further information on accessibility options and on the Archive, read the FAQ .


The Politecnico is not liable for any errors, omissions or infringements contained in submitted theses.
Theses submitted to POLITesi are protected by copyright legislation (Law 633/1941 and subsequent amendments)
Reproduction of excerpts or parts of documents accessible via the POLITesi archive is allowed for research and study purposes (in any case not for commercial purposes) and implies the obligation to quote the title, author and bibliographical data as well as the document URL.
The Politecnico is in no way liable for any violations of copyright concerning theses published by third parties (copyright details).


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