Scuola / Dip. ARC III - Scuola del Design
Data 18-dic-2015
Anno accademico 2014/2015
Titolo della tesi A matter of time. Tempo processo metodo materia
Abstract in inglese In my thesis I investigate the relationship between time and design, through the topics of materials and the processes. “A Matter of Time”. As a title, I chose an English expression whose translation in Italian could have different nuances of meaning, in order to highlight, at every stage of my thesis, the different topics covered in the inquiry: time, process, material. Three intertwined ingredients within the project. The first part highlights the centrality of time in human activity: science, philosophy, theology, art, always they have questioned about time. More recently, design does, in particular approaching issues including the perception of time, his subjectivity and relativity, and the need to regain contemplative time. The analysis then observes the way time is shown by mankind and show itself. Time interacts with materials, imprinting its marks and signs on the material skin of artefacts, and with proccesses, allowing the manifacturer to impress his experience and technique on artefacts. These are ways to transfer experience, which intensifies the life of things and make them witness of memory and of history, both individual and universal. . The second part focuses on processes, both as production processes and as evolutionary paths of design trends and grammars. Two behaviors are analysed:: transdisciplinary design and the self-production of materials, also known as DIY materials. In these practices time constitutes a significant presence, for instance through the choice of slow processes, inspired by craft and tradition, through wich the products gain value; or the acceleration of the material validation, through the achievement of designers’ independence from industry. However, in order that these practices lead designers to concrete and lasting results, it is necessary to design materials. The main issues around material design culture will be explained: material experience, material identity, expressive-sensorial characteristics of materials; the importance of designing materials is shown also through the Material Driven Design method, recently developed in order to guide the designers who undertake a project starting from a material, assisting them through the understanding of the material, the creation of a design vision, the definition of the design directions, the improvement of the material and the development of a concept and application areas. In the third part I focus on the topic of materials, specifically on the study of an experimental material which, as a synthesis of the previous parts, embodies some relevant features related to time and the emerging processes described so far. It is a natural composite material, based on mycelium and agricultural waste. I applied the Material Driven Design method in order to investigate its own properties and the users perception, to experiment on it and on its process, to identify possible application areas and design directions for the deveopment of the material both from a technical and an experiential perspective, through which elicit a unique and meaningful experience material.
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