Autore/i HOU, YUQIAN
Correlatore/i VACCA, FEDERICA
Scuola / Dip. ARC III - Scuola del Design
Data 21-dic-2016
Anno accademico 2015/2016
Titolo della tesi Chinese and Western countries nature inspired apparel pattern trends and restyle
Abstract in inglese Costume design is an important symbol of human material civilization and spiritual civilization. Its formation, evolution and rich process reflect the continuous accumulation, development and progress of human social civilization. Record the social condition of the historical period and the aesthetic of the human being, as well as the continuity of creativity. China is known as "the ancient of dress", Chinese clothing not only sophisticated technology and be autiful shape, but also uses a lot of perfect pattern as a decoration, and work together to build ancient China's splendid clothing culture. Different historical periods and different ethnic groups have reflected different historical and cultural traditions, customs, religious rituals, and artistic traditions. Chinese traditional pattern can be divided into ancient totem, animal patterns, geometric patterns, nature pattern, these patterns are people through observation of the outside world, to express the love of nature, for the good things aspire to create, is in a long history of cultural and historical background, these have aesthetic value and cultural connotation of the pattern, also has left behind the rich material for design and design language for today's fashion design. Focusing on the nature pattern dress, from the shape, color and artistic essence of comparative analysis, systematic arrangement and the history of the development of Chinese traditional pattern, combined with the fashion trend, Chinese traditional pattern through the creation and design, reproducing the new look. Based on the trend of historical development, combined with the theory of historiography, sociology, aesthetics and other theories, the author discusses the innovation of dress nature pattern. The through the eastern and Western art history, Chinese clothing culture, clothing development history, Chinese pattern, decorative pattern and discern the dress patterns of the origin and development, with a combination of point, line and plane method is compared, point, namely a study area in traditional costumes of various nature patterns; line is to time as a clue to study the development of apparel pattern of nature; surface, the study of China and Western countries of the nature characteristic patterns and communication and change, and now how fashion design. Comparative study is a kind of dialogue, exchange and communication, this process will promote their mutual understanding and fusion, for China, not only can carry forward the traditional crafts and traditional culture, and is also a new perspective of understanding traditional art in the fashion of application and development. Fashion design began to emerge in the 19th century in France means is the art of application of design and aesthetics or natural beauty to clothing and accessories. Fashion design is influenced by cultural and social attitudes, and has varied over time and place. Fashion design go deep into every aspects of human life, from haute couture, ready-to-wear to the mass market, from some famous fashion designers which only exists in Western countries at first to some fashion brands and young designers appeared gradually in China fashion fields. Undoubtedly fashion design started late in China, with the development of the times, the mysterious oriental Chinese cause the attention of the design areas, Chinese traditional pattern is regarded as a design elements which can be explored deeply, the modern fashion industry reconstructing the elements of traditional culture, this is a permanent and renewable topic.Dress pattern as a kind of cultural expression, has been in constant change, how to develop and design to become the problem of innovation. Through carding system, for example, summed up the combination of China traditional dress pattern and western modern fashion design, thus come to the conclusion that the nature patterns of Chinese traditional costume, both inheritance in the historical and cultural characteristics, and to combine with the modern civilization, the globalization, the traditional pattern and age better together.
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