Scuola / Dip. ARC III - Scuola del Design
Data 21-dic-2016
Anno accademico 2015/2016
Titolo della tesi Savvy ware. Smart system for food management in the household environment
Abstract in inglese Since the first decades of the 1900’s, the refrigerator represents one of the items that compose the idea of modern living. The heavy appliances developed a modernization function of the house and food management since the initial models. Introducing computers to kitchens is one of those seemingly obvious technology-led ideas that have appeared with startling regularity since the very beginning of personal computing. Nevertheless, it is only in the end of the 90’s, following the popularity of laptops with LCD displays, that came to attention a proliferation of smart fridge prototypes. In 2016, giant manufactures showcase their latest smart models releases with interesting results, however smart fridges cannot be considered successful products yet. Among other aspects that might be influential are the lack of the functional focus of the marketed models and a considerable decrease on the appliance lifecycle by the superposition of technologies that evolve in different speeds. After analyzing the market scenario, as part of the design process, it was important to explore the consumer’s point of view. The analysis was produced based an anonymous online survey, which was very helpful to realize that people, in most cases; (1) are interested in exploring the potentialities of the smart technology applied to the fridge; (2) feel the need of a better organization to avoid food waste at home; and (3) do not plan to buy a new refrigerator, as they are satisfied with the model they have at home. Finally, it led us to question how our fridge archetype influences our diet and its impact on the environment. These conclusions were valuable for establishing the product brief: Smart system of accessories for food management, oriented especially for controlling unpackaged food items. Contemplating that brief is the concept of Savvy.Ware: a system 10 that creates and controls household food inventory with the use of physical devices (containers, bottle stoppers, clips) and a mobile app. The system is collectible and expandable; the number of items will depend on the inventory size the user aims to have. Savvy.ware is carefully designed to be user friendly - the information input is performed in the most seamless way, through a very few steps. The technology inside was defined as a consequence of that, but also guaranteed to be accessible and inexpensive; while the materials were selected prudently to be free of risks when in contact with food. Several prototypes were developed, as expected to be a part of the design process. Further developments and testing should be considered as next steps for turning this product system into reality.
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