Scuola / Dip. ARC III - Scuola del Design
Data 27-apr-2017
Anno accademico 2015/2016
Titolo della tesi Nomad bag. Safety as technological advance
Abstract in italiano borsa
Abstract in inglese This thesis explores safety and applied technology in general and smart bag issues in particular in engineering technological design and how we can design product to account for the safety and aesthetic purpose to a user. Work applies a combination of practical methods to explore the new design space at the intersection of technology, engineering and design. First, it contributes to theoretical understandings of psihological impact on humans need to feel safe and practical solution of technology design for it. Its recoginezed a gap between feeling free and feeling safe for important personal belongings when people are phisicaly out of ther comfort zone. “Tech Fashion” is proposed to interpret such dynamic action nets of arrangements that make technology wereable and desirable. Second, through associative design research, it is designed and developed prototype that account for security issues.
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