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Date: 28-Apr-2014
Academic year: 2012/2013
Title: An experience on error awareness and recovery in an energy distribution data management system : design, implementation and verification
English abstract: This thesis has dealt with strategic planning for improvements on the operations and functionalities in a specific project of Gas and Power Distribution Company, as well as developing the improvements and evaluating the final performance. In particular, the error handling procedures for a large energy distribution management system has been studied and leveraged in this work. The target system was facing many errors that have been manually recovered by application management members through a considerable work and time commitment. In this research a new Automatic Error Handling application together with new business processes, and data visualization plots have been proposed to improve the reliability and robustness of the system. The proposed technology is developed and evaluated within the product environment of Target Company and one of its main counterparts. Currently it is handling most of the system deficiencies automatically and in a proper way. The central problem addressed by this thesis is the issue of constructing reliable systems with an automatic way of handling the errors and minimum possible unhandled failures. Thus, the main system has been equipped with a new tool that not only can be integrates and adjusts reliably but it also  detects the errors as soon as they happen  provides a rich repertoire of error recovery strategies and ability to choose between different recovery strategies  significantly reduces the time consumption of error handling Constructing such systems imposes a number of requirements on diverse technologies. These technologies has been discussed in this work, and it is shown how developing and managing the system in harmony can result in a well-organized system that informs and handles deficiencies properly. Furthermore, the tool is developed based on a scalable and data driven approach that allows the user to continuously monitor the data transmittance with the possibility of filtering the monitoring area. Additionally, two kinds of data visualization plots have prepared as an efficient approach for data analysis. It leads to significant improvements in overall effectiveness and efficiency of the main system. Ultimately, the system performance is evaluated based on various tests in product environment as well as assessing the return output on investments and several key performance indicators. The results demonstrate successful performance of the Automatic Error Handling tool on improving the main system’s efficiency, limiting the required time for error recovery, and gaining client’s satisfaction.
Italian keywords: gestione aziendale; gestione automatico degli errori; dati mancanti; estrazione dei dati; distribuzione di energia; visualizzare i dati TIBCO; JAVA; performance
English keywords: automatic error handling; missing information; data mining; energy distribution; data visualization; business management; TIBCO; JAVA; performance
Language: eng
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