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2020-10-01 Tesi di laurea Magistrale The effects of climate and technology variation on the hybrid energy system design for small Mediterranean islands Gardella, Fabio
2015-04-29 Tesi di laurea Magistrale Effects of climate change on hydrology and hydropower systems in the Italian Alps RICHELLI, PIETRO
2023-12-19 Tesi di laurea Magistrale Enhancing Mekong river basin reservoir operations: balancing hydropower production and sediment transport Invernizzi, Bruno
2015-12-21 Tesi di laurea Magistrale ENSO detection for improving long term streamflow forecast in Kemano water system TRIMIÑO BARBOSA, ANDREA CAROLINAMESA MUNOZ, CAROLINA
2013-12-18 Tesi di laurea Magistrale ENSO teleconnection patterns on large scale water resources systems BELTRAME, LUDOVICACARBONIN, DANIELE
2018-07-25 Tesi di laurea Magistrale Evaluating the effects of land use change and hydropower development on sediment connectivity. The case study of the Omo river MALETTI, LUCIA
2019-07-25 Tesi di laurea Magistrale Exploring data-driven predictive control for optimal reservoir operation VAGHI, FILIPPO ANDREA MARIA
2016-07-28 Tesi di laurea Magistrale Exploring the water-energy nexus in the Iberian Peninsula under climate change : a deterministic optimization approach BERTONI, FEDERICA
2020-07-02 Tesi di Dottorato Feature Representation Learning in complex water decision making problems ZANIOLO, MARTA
2015-07-28 Tesi di laurea Magistrale Forcing hydrological models with precipitation estimates from in-situ stations, remote sensing and weather models FARAGO', MARIA
2018-10-03 Tesi di laurea Magistrale Forecasting hourly energy price in the Swiss market. Model identification and application for accurate short-term forecasts BORDIGNON, CARLO ALBERTO
2013-04-22 Tesi di laurea Magistrale Una framework per testare differenti principi di ottimalità nell’evoluzione geomorfologica del territorio guidata dalla dinamica fluviale MASON, EMANUELECOMINOLA, ANDREA
2021-06-09 Tesi di laurea Magistrale From efficiency to equity, assessing fairness in planning basins development Colombo, Silvia
2020-04-29 Tesi di laurea Magistrale From individualism to full cooperation : optimal operation of the Nile River basin storages under varying levels of cooperation TROMBETTA, GIACOMO
2023-05-04 Tesi di laurea Magistrale From multi-decadal energy planning to hourly power dispatch: evaluating the reliability of energy projections in the Southern African power pool LEONI, ARIANNA
2023-05-04 Tesi di laurea Magistrale Graph convolutional neural network for water consumption forecast: an explorative study Ussano, Maria
2019-04-16 Tesi di laurea Magistrale How does uncertainty affect cooperation strategies in transboundary water resources systems ? A case study on the Zambezi river basin CAZZANIGA, SARA
2014-12-18 Tesi di laurea Magistrale Hydro-economic analysis of the adaptation to climate change in the Jucar river system SANGALLI, BEATRICE
2018-04-19 Tesi di laurea Magistrale Hydro-energy systems modeling in the Zambezi river basin : exploring benefits from soft model integration CARLINO, ANGELO
2013-12-17 Tesi di laurea Magistrale Impact of deforestation on local precipitation patterns over the Da River basin, Vietnam SPARTÀ, DANIELE
Mostrati risultati da 47 a 66 di 109
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