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Date: 20-Jul-2011
Academic year: 2010/2011
Title: Development of a multichannel gamification platform
English abstract: Games and game-like elements have begun to invade the real world. Gamification - the process of adding game dynamics to sites and services - is an important and powerful new strategy for influencing and motivating groups of people. Has found its way not only on games but also into domains like marketing, politics, health, editorial services and fitness. Gamification has most frequently been used as a clever way to promote a business or product. For instance, players can earn badges, discounts, and other rewards for doing particular actions. The potential of gamification, however, goes beyond marketing strategies. With a good gamification design every web or mobile application can obatin benefits from the gamification concept. But Gamification should never be confused with game design: the process of gamification do not mean creating a game but the integration of game mechanics into a service, like a website, mobile application, etc. Gamification works to satisfy some of the most fundamental human desires: recognition and reward, status, achievement, competition & collaboration. People are hungry for these things both in their everyday life and online. This work starts with the definition of the concept of gamification, the gamification design techniques and benefits. Then I will describe the design of a gamification platform and the work I have done during my last six months project experience designing and developing a gamification software development kit (SDK) for the iOS platform.
Italian keywords: gamification; sfide; premiazione; iOS; SDK
English keywords: gamification; challenges; real rewarding; iOS; SDK
Language: eng
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